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  • Microsoft Downloads for XP, of particular note is PowerToys.
  • Old Version because newer is not always better
    a vast array of older Windows programs and older versions of current Windows programs

Need to organize these

File Extensions

The resource on the internet for file extensions is filext.com. Quoting their site:

A file extension is nothing more than the last characters after the period in the name of a file. For a detailed explanation, examples, and a method of setting your system so that it shows file extensions please see this FAQ.

FILExt is a database of file extensions and the various programs that use them. If you know the file extension you want to learn about simply enter it into the search box on the left and click on the Search button. If it's in any of the FILExt databases the data we have on that file extension will be shown on a results page. If it's not in any of the databases you will be given a link to a page with hints on how to do further research. Don't search on terms; just file extensions and only one at a time please. There will be another search box on the results page if you have multiple searches to do.

It's possible that the search will give you multiple results as there is no central registry for file extensions. If so, you will have some detective work to do; read the results page carefully as there will be hints on how to do this detective work.

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