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How often Vista synchs with NTP

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To change the interval between time updates you need to amend a value in the registry. Browse to the following key and then add/or amend the following item. Note that this is the interval between time checks in seconds, expressed as a dword value. Use the calculator to work out the value you require. Please note that the first value given in this example is for 24 hours and this is usually sufficient. The second example for 12 hours should also work, but I haven't tried this. The third example is for 15 minutes, but this has not been tried and I don't know whether or not this will work - you will have to try it to find out. Dwarf


    "SpecialPollInterval"=dword:00015180 (24 hours)

    "SpecialPollInterval"=dword:0000A8C0 (12 hours)

    "SpecialPollInterval"=dword:00000384 (15 minutes)

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Sync Clock from Command Line

Simply open an administrative mode command prompt (right-click, Run as administrator), and then type in the following command:

    w32tm /resync
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