FortWayne / Fort Wayne's Tallest Buildings

Fort Wayne's Tallest Buildings

For much of Fort Wayne's history (until 1902), steeples dominated the downtown skyline; thus, one of Fort Wayne's nicknames: "The City of Churches". Here is a list of the city's current tallest buildings:

Building Height Floors Built
One Summit Square 442' 27 1982
PNC Center 339' 26 1970
Lincoln National Bank Tower 312' 22 1930
Allen County Courthouse 238' 3 1902
First Presbyterian Church 220'   1950
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 214'   1889
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 192'   1860
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 179'   1923
Commerce Building 174' 13 1923
Anthony Wayne Building 167' 14 1964



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