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This text is displayed using your browser’s default size. If this text seems too large for your tastes, then you can do something about it!

This page provides instructions for someone using one of the major browsers to adjust the default text/font size their browser uses to view web pages. Once you have followed the instructions for the browser you are using, the change will immediately impact the text/font size for this webpage.

This page provides instructions for:

Most other browsers that allow you to specify a default font size are similar to one of these.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, you have five choices for text size: Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, and Smallest. Unless you have changed it, Internet Explorer will display pages using the Medium font size.

Before Version 7

For any version of Internet Explorer prior to the latest, Version 7, you may change the text size using the View menu item, going to Text Size, and selecting a different size (see the picture below). The black dot indicates the current setting.

Attach:ie6_fontsize.png Δ|Internet Explorer 6 screenshot

Version 7

For Version 7, you can find Text Size under the Page menu-like thing (located in the cluster of icons near the top right corner).

Attach:ie7_fontsize.png Δ|Internet Explorer 7 screenshot

Easier and quicker way to do this

If your mouse has a scroll wheel on it, while holding down the Ctrl key (usually in the lower left corner of your keyboard), move your scroll wheel forward (away from you) to make the default text size smaller and backward (toward you) to make the default text size larger. You still only have the five possible settings to select from, so if the size doesn’t change when you go one direction, try going the other direction.

If the web page you are viewing has specified an explicit font size in a certain manner, you will not be able to change it. AWCfamily.com is designed so that you can select the font size you prefer.


Use the Tools menu and select Options… as shown in “Firefox screenshot 1” below. Select Content to find the Fonts & Colors section as shown in “Firefox screenshot 2”. You may change the font to any size listed from 9 (very small) to 72 (huge). For more detailed control, click on the Advanced… button.

Attach:ff_fontsize1.png Δ|Firefox screenshot 1

Attach:ff_fontsize2.png Δ|Firefox screenshot 2

Temporary font size change

You can temporarily change the font size for your current tab (i.e. other tabs are not affected). Hold down the Ctrl key and press either the plus key (has "+" on it) to enlarge the font or the minus key (has "-" on it) to shrink it. Holding down Ctrl and pressing the zero key (has "0" on it) returns to the browser’s default font size. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you may move the scroll wheel forward and backward while holding down the Ctrl key to change the font size. You have 200 different font sizes available, from invisibly small to so large only a portion of a character fits on your screen.

When you exit Firefox, any temporary font size changes will be forgotten.


Version 8+

Use the Tools menu and select Preferences… as shown in “Opera screenshot 1” (Opera 9.2 is shown). On the Preferences display, select the Web Pages tab and click on the button next to Normal (labeled “Times New Roman” in “Opera screenshot 2”). On the Select Font display, select the font size on the resulting window shown in “Opera screenshot 3”. Opera allows you finer control of the fonts for various elements of a webpage (if the website does not provide font information) on the Advanced tab of the Preferences display, shown in “Opera screenshot 4”.

Attach:op_fontsize1.png Δ|Opera screenshot 1

Attach:op_fontsize2.png Δ|Opera screenshot 2

Attach:op_fontsize3.png Δ|Opera screenshot 3

Attach:op_fontsize1.png Δ|Opera screenshot 4

Zoom view

Opera provides a Zoom capability which changes the size of everything on a webpage, not just the text. This is accomplished via the View menu using the Zoom menu. You can also do this by entering:

  • “-” (minus, either on the main keyboard or on the numeric keypad) to shrink the webpage,
  • “+” (Shift and “=”, or use the “+” key on your numeric keypad) to enlarge the webpage, and
  • “*” (Shift and “8”, or use the “*” key on your numeric keypad) to return to normal viewing.
Opera 7

Preferences… is located under the File menu. Then select Fonts and Colors to get to where you can change the default text size.


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