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This website has had several incarnations. First, it was hand-crafted web pages. That was a pain; so I based this website on GeekLog. But, I'm not really consistent at blogging (which was it's main focus … it may have evolved by now), so I switched to TikiWiki. Finally, in late summer 2006 I decided to go with PmWiki.

Why, you might ask, have I settled on PmWiki? Here are some of my reasons for selecting PmWiki:

  1. It uses simple text files to store the wiki content (i.e., as opposed to using a database like MySQL)
  2. It is written in PHP (I understand PHP)
  3. The PmWiki Philosophy
  4. It is easy to install
  5. It is very easy to upgrade even after customizing / personalization
  6. It is very easy to customize
  7. It does not come with a huge bundle of features I don’t want
  8. There are a huge bunch of add-ons that I can pick and choose from
  9. If none of the add-ons do what I want, it is easy (for a PHP programmer) to add or extend functionality
  10. Of course, because it’s free (both in cost and license philosophy) and open source
  11. Simple but effective authorization mechanism
  12. Very active user community (pmwiki-users email list)
  13. Very active, responsive, helpful, friendly author

By the way, I found out about PmWiki at wikimatrix.org by using their “Choice Wizard”.

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