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On “Being”

In the previous post, I said:

The Bible is clear. Homosexual behavior is a sin. Just as fornication (sex before marriage) and adultery (sex outside of marriage) and polygamy (claiming to be married to more than one spouse at a time) are sins. Just as pedophilia (sex with children) and bestiality (sex with animals) are sins. Most pedophiles would claim that their actions are a result of “who they are”. Claiming to “be” a homosexual is no different.

That provoked more thinking on this concept of “being”.

No one “is” a homosexual. Not like someone can be male or female, Caucasian, or Hispanic, or African-American, or Native American, or any variety of Asian and Polynesian. Homosexuality is not “who you are”, it is the sexual activity in which you choose to engage.

God did not create anyone to “be” homosexual. It is a path chosen by the individual — sometimes due to external pressures or influences, but nonetheless a choice.

Some claim there must be a gene that “causes” homosexual behavior. This is simply another attempt to avoid the personal responsibility of choice. There is no such gene, it is merely an urban legend perpetrated to raise the acceptance level for homosexuality.

However, even if there were a gene, even if you “are” something, that still does not make it right. I can claim to be a liar… I can claim that there is a gene that indicates a propensity for distorting the truth. That still does not make lying right.

I can claim to be a swindler… obviously some people are better at it than others so it must be a genetic thing, right? It’s still wrong to swindle.

Being does not preclude obedience. Even if there were a gene that makes some more prone to homosexual urges than others; or a gene that makes some desire underage youth. Even if, it would still be a choice.

Because we all come with our own set of desires and temptations. These form a part of who we “are”. Some are tempted to have sex before they get married. Some are tempted to have sex with someone other than their spouse. Some are tempted to have sex with those of the same gender. Some are tempted by all these.

Sin is the choice of yielding to temptation. It doesn’t matter if the temptation comes from external pressures or internal makeup, yielding to that temptation is sin. Period.

What can you do about sin? How you respond to that question will be Your Most Important Answer.

awc 2005-02-11 00:09

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