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Science or Faith?


OK, I admit I'm a LOSTaholic. We checked out season 1 DVDs of LOST from the library over Christmas break (2005) and were quickly hooked. We then borrowed recordings of the season 2 episodes to date, and then sat down to watch LOST “real-time” for the first time last night. All that background just to bring up the “man of faith” vs. “man of science” conflict that is often talked about on the show, especially between Jack (the doctor) and John (the walking miracle).

It seems to me that both faith and science are attempts to satisfy the same basic need within the human psyche. All of us have to deal with the fact that most of this experience, most of this world, this universe, is beyond our control. In fact, though we would rarely admit it, there is probably nothing that is within our complete control.

Faith attempts to deal with this by presuming that something (or someone or some group) is in control. God or gods, fate, destiny, karma, The Force, or whatever, is ultimately in control. Maybe not controlling the path of each and every atom in the universe, but there is a plan or a balance within the universe controlling and/or directing the universe we experience. Conspiracy theory is an example of this faith approach applied to some particular aspects of human history.

Science, on the other hand, attempts to deal with one’s lack of control by presuming that nothing is in control. The universe simply operates within a framework, a framework that is as it is simply because if it were any other way, the universe would be different. There is no other reason for the framework to exist or for it to be as it is. There is nothing at work balancing abstract concepts (such as justice), there is no plan. Anything that appears to be outside the framework is simply evidence that we haven’t completely understood the framework.

How have you chosen to deal with your lack of control?

awc 2006-06-12 11:32

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