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Getting Sidetracked by the Important

I just transcribed onto the acqtc.com website an article from Iron Thunderhorse entitled The Skull-and-Crossbones Society and The Repatriation Battles Over Human Remains. The presumed desecration of the remains of Geronimo by the Skull-and-Crossbones Society at Yale University is discussed there, and an online petition to Congress concerning that issue is mentioned and linked to there.

My comment is this…

Although desecrating human remains of any race or ethnicity for sport, glory, or wealth is disrespectful; and even though I would probably be upset if someone today dug up the remains of any of my grandparents for no good reason; I believe there are many many more egregious wrongs committed in the world today that mankind ought to focus on. In a global and eternal perspective, the bones and possessions of the dead are merely things, merely dust in the wind. The many thousands who starved or died today from diseases caused by malnutrition and unsanitary conditions simply because they belonged to the wrong ethnic group, the hundreds of people killed today simply because they believed something else, the hundreds who died today simply because they had something, the thousands of children whose lives were forever broken today because of some perverted or abusive adult, those are the wrongs that should upset people. Those souls are what should consume us, upset us. It would be a wonderful world (in comparison) if the most dire evil deed of man today was grave robbing. Forgive me, but it seems like straining at gnats while the diseased rotting corpse of a camel is being shoved down our throat.

People (including me), quit getting sidetracked by important things.

awc 2007-04-11 00:11:07

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