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Interesting Finds

I occasionally come across an interesting Vintage Aerial photo of something other than buildings.

These photos are arranged in alphabetical order by county name, then by state, then by year, and finally by roll/frame. Photos with a green border have been geolocated (see the Vintage Aerial photo page for location information).

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Amherst VA 1963
A large dark plume of smoke
Anoka MN 1969
A drag strip with a race in progress
Bucks PA 1963
Military squadron
Cayuga NY 1981
Cedar IA 1972
Radar dome
Chickasaw IA 1970
An accident scene investigation
Cumberland ME 1966
A harbor full of boats
Cumberland ME 1968
Horse racing track
Cumberland ME 1968
A docked sea plane
Cumberland ME 1968
Another docked sea plane
Franklin OH 1996
Buffalo (aka American Bison)
Frederick MD 1967
Military(?) cargo plane
Garrett MD 1987
An airport
Hunterdon NJ 1965
At the plane gas station
Lincoln MO 1968
Barges at a lock on the Mississippi
Lincoln MO 2000
Dam and lock on the Mississippi
Montgomery MD 1973
Flying really low!!
Pine MN 1983
A flying plane
Sagadahoc ME 1964
Commercial fishing boats
Sagadahoc ME 1964
Communications tower
Somerset ME 1963
Skowhegan State Fair
Somerset ME 1963
A dam
Thurston WA 1968
An homage to Mercury 7
Washington MD 1968
Railroad parking lot and turn-around
Winneshiek IA 1972
Small dam and possible mill
Wood OH 1965
The Goodyear Blimp

26 photos found

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