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Unique Buildings

This is a gallery of Vintage Aerial photos showing that not all buildings are bland amalgamations of rectangles.

These photos are arranged in alphabetical order by county name, then by state, then by year, and finally by roll/frame. Photos with a green border have been geolocated (see the Vintage Aerial photo page for location information).

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Androscoggin ME 1967
Androscoggin ME 1967
Anoka MN 1969
Barron WI 1972
Benton IA 1972
Benton IA 1972
Cayuga NY 1981
Chester PA 1967
Clayton IA 1972
Dodge WI 1976
Erie OH 1980
Erie PA 1965
Franklin IN 1979
Franklin IN 1979
Franklin IN 1982
Garrett MD 1987
Garrett MD 1987
Geauga OH 1965
Hall NE 1984
Johnson IN 1988
Johnson IN 1988
Johnson IA 1972
Johnson IA 1972
Kennebec ME 1964
Merrimack NH 1963
Orange CA 1967
Orange VT 1966
Sagadahoc ME 1964
Sagadahoc ME 1964
Sagadahoc ME 1964
San Diego CA 1967
Sonoma CA 1966
St Charles MO 1985
Story IA 1972

34 photos found

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