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Named Character Entity References
Numeric Order

See Named HTML Character References for more information about character entity references and how they are used. This page simply provides the list of all available such references in HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1 in numeric order (by “Numeric Reference”).

NOTE: To see these in a different font, append "?font=Font Name" to the URL for this page and reload it. For example, enter

    http://awcolley.com/WebsiteDev/HTMLNamedCharNumer?font=Times New Roman

to see these characters displayed using the Times New Roman font.

NOTE: The “Displayed” column shows the symbol slightly larger than normal, to make it a little easier to see here. Also, it is displayed with a yellow background, so you can see how wide it is (especially for spaces).

These entities are also viewable in alphabetic order.

NameSampleDescriptionNumeric ReferenceISO Number
quot"quotation mark34U+0022
lt<less-than sign60U+003C
gt>greater-than sign62U+003E
nbsp no-break / non-breaking space160U+00A0
iexcl¡inverted exclamation mark161U+00A1
cent¢cent sign162U+00A2
pound£pound sign163U+00A3
curren¤currency sign164U+00A4
yen¥yen / yuan sign165U+00A5
brvbar¦broken bar / vertical bar166U+00A6
sect§section sign167U+00A7
uml¨diaeresis / spacing diaeresis168U+00A8
copy©copyright sign169U+00A9
ordfªfeminine ordinal indicator170U+00AA
laquo«left double angle quotation mark / guillemet171U+00AB
not¬not sign172U+00AC
shy­soft / discretionary hyphen173U+00AD
reg®registered sign / trade mark sign174U+00AE
macr¯macron /spacing macron /overline / APL overbar175U+00AF
deg°degree sign176U+00B0
plusmn±plus-minus / plus-or-minus sign177U+00B1
sup2²superscript two / squared178U+00B2
sup3³superscript three / cubed179U+00B3
acute´acute accent / spacing acute180U+00B4
microµmicro sign181U+00B5
parapilcrow / paragraph sign182U+00B6
middot·middle dot / Georgian comma / Greek middle dot183U+00B7
cedil¸cedilla / spacing cedilla184U+00B8
sup1¹superscript one185U+00B9
ordmºmasculine ordinal indicator186U+00BA
raquo»right double angle quotation mark / guillemet187U+00BB
frac14¼(vulgar) fraction one quarter188U+00BC
frac12½(vulgar) fraction one half189U+00BD
frac34¾(vulgar) fraction three quarters190U+00BE
iquest¿inverted / turned question mark191U+00BF
AgraveÀlatin capital letter A with grave192U+00C0
AacuteÁlatin capital letter A with acute193U+00C1
AcircÂlatin capital letter A with circumflex194U+00C2
AtildeÃlatin capital letter A with tilde195U+00C3
AumlÄlatin capital letter A with diaeresis196U+00C4
AringÅlatin capital letter A with ring above197U+00C5
AEligÆlatin capital letter / ligature AE198U+00C6
CcedilÇlatin capital letter C with cedilla199U+00C7
EgraveÈlatin capital letter E with grave200U+00C8
EacuteÉlatin capital letter E with acute201U+00C9
EcircÊlatin capital letter E with circumflex202U+00CA
EumlËlatin capital letter E with diaeresis203U+00CB
IgraveÌlatin capital letter I with grave204U+00CC
IacuteÍlatin capital letter I with acute205U+00CD
IcircÎlatin capital letter I with circumflex206U+00CE
IumlÏlatin capital letter I with diaeresis207U+00CF
ETHÐlatin capital letter ETH208U+00D0
NtildeÑlatin capital letter N with tilde209U+00D1
OgraveÒlatin capital letter O with grave210U+00D2
OacuteÓlatin capital letter O with acute211U+00D3
OcircÔlatin capital letter O with circumflex212U+00D4
OtildeÕlatin capital letter O with tilde213U+00D5
OumlÖlatin capital letter O with diaeresis214U+00D6
times×multiplication sign215U+00D7
OslashØlatin capital letter O with stroke / slash216U+00D8
UgraveÙlatin capital letter U with grave217U+00D9
UacuteÚlatin capital letter U with acute218U+00DA
UcircÛlatin capital letter U with circumflex219U+00DB
UumlÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresis220U+00DC
YacuteÝlatin capital letter Y with acute221U+00DD
THORNÞlatin capital letter THORN222U+00DE
szligßlatin small letter sharp s / ess-zed223U+00DF
agraveàlatin small letter a with grave224U+00E0
aacuteálatin small letter a with acute225U+00E1
acircâlatin small letter a with circumflex226U+00E2
atildeãlatin small letter a with tilde227U+00E3
aumlälatin small letter a with diaeresis228U+00E4
aringålatin small letter a with ring above229U+00E5
aeligælatin small letter / ligature ae230U+00E6
ccedilçlatin small letter c with cedilla231U+00E7
egraveèlatin small letter e with grave232U+00E8
eacuteélatin small letter e with acute233U+00E9
ecircêlatin small letter e with circumflex234U+00EA
eumlëlatin small letter e with diaeresis235U+00EB
igraveìlatin small letter i with grave236U+00EC
iacuteílatin small letter i with acute237U+00ED
icircîlatin small letter i with circumflex238U+00EE
iumlïlatin small letter i with diaeresis239U+00EF
ethðlatin small letter eth240U+00F0
ntildeñlatin small letter n with tilde241U+00F1
ograveòlatin small letter o with grave242U+00F2
oacuteólatin small letter o with acute243U+00F3
ocircôlatin small letter o with circumflex244U+00F4
otildeõlatin small letter o with tilde245U+00F5
oumlölatin small letter o with diaeresis246U+00F6
divide÷division sign247U+00F7
oslashølatin small letter o with stroke / slash248U+00F8
ugraveùlatin small letter u with grave249U+00F9
uacuteúlatin small letter u with acute250U+00FA
ucircûlatin small letter u with circumflex251U+00FB
uumlülatin small letter u with diaeresis252U+00FC
yacuteýlatin small letter y with acute253U+00FD
thornþlatin small letter thorn254U+00FE
yumlÿlatin small letter y with diaeresis255U+00FF
OEligŒlatin capital ligature OE338U+0152
oeligœlatin small ligature oe339U+0153
ScaronŠlatin capital letter S with caron352U+0160
scaronšlatin small letter s with caron353U+0161
YumlŸlatin capital letter Y with diaeresis376U+0178
fnofƒlatin small f with hook / function / florin402U+0192
circˆmodifier letter circumflex accent710U+02C6
tilde˜small tilde732U+02DC
AlphaΑgreek capital letter alpha913U+0391
BetaΒgreek capital letter beta914U+0392
GammaΓgreek capital letter gamma915U+0393
DeltaΔgreek capital letter delta916U+0394
EpsilonΕgreek capital letter epsilon917U+0395
ZetaΖgreek capital letter zeta918U+0396
EtaΗgreek capital letter eta919U+0397
ThetaΘgreek capital letter theta920U+0398
IotaΙgreek capital letter iota921U+0399
KappaΚgreek capital letter kappa922U+039A
LambdaΛgreek capital letter lambda923U+039B
MuΜgreek capital letter mu924U+039C
NuΝgreek capital letter nu925U+039D
XiΞgreek capital letter xi926U+039E
OmicronΟgreek capital letter omicron927U+039F
PiΠgreek capital letter pi928U+03A0
RhoΡgreek capital letter rho929U+03A1
SigmaΣgreek capital letter sigma931U+03A3
TauΤgreek capital letter tau932U+03A4
UpsilonΥgreek capital letter upsilon933U+03A5
PhiΦgreek capital letter phi934U+03A6
ChiΧgreek capital letter chi935U+03A7
PsiΨgreek capital letter psi936U+03A8
OmegaΩgreek capital letter omega937U+03A9
alphaαgreek small letter alpha945U+03B1
betaβgreek small letter beta946U+03B2
gammaγgreek small letter gamma947U+03B3
deltaδgreek small letter delta948U+03B4
epsilonεgreek small letter epsilon949U+03B5
zetaζgreek small letter zeta950U+03B6
etaηgreek small letter eta951U+03B7
thetaθgreek small letter theta952U+03B8
iotaιgreek small letter iota953U+03B9
kappaκgreek small letter kappa954U+03BA
lambdaλgreek small letter lambda955U+03BB
muμgreek small letter mu956U+03BC
nuνgreek small letter nu957U+03BD
xiξgreek small letter xi958U+03BE
omicronοgreek small letter omicron959U+03BF
piπgreek small letter pi960U+03C0
rhoρgreek small letter rho961U+03C1
sigmafςgreek small letter final sigma962U+03C2
sigmaσgreek small letter sigma963U+03C3
tauτgreek small letter tau964U+03C4
upsilonυgreek small letter upsilon965U+03C5
phiφgreek small letter phi966U+03C6
chiχgreek small letter chi967U+03C7
psiψgreek small letter psi968U+03C8
omegaωgreek small letter omega969U+03C9
thetasymϑgreek small letter theta symbol977U+03D1
upsihϒgreek upsilon with hook symbol978U+03D2
pivϖgreek pi symbol982U+03D6
enspen space8194U+2002
emspem space8195U+2003
thinspthin space8201U+2009
zwnjzero width non-joiner8204U+200C
zwjzero width joiner8205U+200D
lrmleft-to-right mark8206U+200E
rlmright-to-left mark8207U+200F
ndashen dash8211U+2013
mdashem dash8212U+2014
lsquoleft single quotation mark8216U+2018
rsquoright single quotation mark8217U+2019
sbquosingle low-9 quotation mark8218U+201A
ldquoleft double quotation mark8220U+201C
rdquoright double quotation mark8221U+201D
bdquodouble low-9 quotation mark8222U+201E
Daggerdouble dagger8225U+2021
bullbullet / black small circle8226U+2022
helliphorizontal ellipsis / three dot leader8230U+2026
permilper mille sign8240U+2030
primeprime / minutes / feet8242U+2032
Primedouble prime / seconds / inches8243U+2033
lsaquosingle left-pointing angle quotation mark8249U+2039
rsaquosingle right-pointing angle quotation mark8250U+203A
olineoverline / spacing overscore8254U+203E
fraslfraction slash8260U+2044
euroeuro sign8364U+20AC
imageblackletter capital I / imaginary part8465U+2111
weierpscript capital P / power set / Weierstrass p8472U+2118
realblackletter capital R / real part symbol8476U+211C
tradetrade mark sign8482U+2122
alefsymalef symbol / first transfinite cardinal8501U+2135
larrleftwards arrow8592U+2190
uarrupwards arrow8593U+2191
rarrrightwards arrow8594U+2192
darrdownwards arrow8595U+2193
harrleft right arrow8596U+2194
crarrleft corner down arrow / carriage return8629U+21B5
lArrleftwards double arrow8656U+21D0
uArrupwards double arrow8657U+21D1
rArrrightwards double arrow8658U+21D2
dArrdownwards double arrow8659U+21D3
hArrleft right double arrow8660U+21D4
forallfor all8704U+2200
partpartial differential8706U+2202
existthere exists8707U+2203
emptyempty set / null set / diameter8709U+2205
nablanabla / backward difference8711U+2207
isinelement of8712U+2208
notinnot an element of8713U+2209
nicontains as member8715U+220B
prodn-ary product / product sign8719U+220F
sumn-ary sumation8721U+2211
minusminus sign8722U+2212
lowastasterisk operator8727U+2217
radicsquare root / radical sign8730U+221A
propproportional to8733U+221D
andlogical and / wedge8743U+2227
orlogical or / vee8744U+2228
capintersection / cap8745U+2229
cupunion / cup8746U+222A
simtilde operator / varies with / similar to8764U+223C
congapproximately equal to8773U+2245
asympalmost equal to / asymptotic to8776U+2248
nenot equal to8800U+2260
equividentical to8801U+2261
leless-than or equal to8804U+2264
gegreater-than or equal to8805U+2265
subsubset of8834U+2282
supsuperset of8835U+2283
nsubnot a subset of8836U+2284
subesubset of or equal to8838U+2286
supesuperset of or equal to8839U+2287
opluscircled plus / direct sum8853U+2295
otimescircled times / vector product8855U+2297
perpup tack / orthogonal to / perpendicular8869U+22A5
sdotdot operator8901U+22C5
lceilleft ceiling / apl upstile8968U+2308
rceilright ceiling8969U+2309
lfloorleft floor / apl downstile8970U+230A
rfloorright floor8971U+230B
langleft-pointing angle bracket9001U+2329
rangright-pointing angle bracket9002U+232A
spadesblack spade suit9824U+2660
clubsblack club suit / shamrock9827U+2663
heartsblack heart suit / valentine9829U+2665
diamsblack diamond suit9830U+2666

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