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Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Fire
02 Nov 2007

At about 3:30 this afternoon at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, during construction of the new African Journey area expected to open in 2009, workers accidentally ignited a large styrofoam rock outcropping they were constructing. Although the plume of smoke was impressive and seen for miles around, and although from our vantage point in downtown Fort Wayne we could see flames shooting above the treetops several times, fortunately no humans or animals were killed or injured during the blaze. It took about 40 minutes to bring the fire under control.

There was a very slight wind from the west, so the smoke mostly just rose straight up until it hit an inversion layer, whereupon it just spread out in all directions. There was a bit of entrainment on the downwind side --- the smoke curling back down on the right (east) and then in toward the fire.

The photos in this album were taken with my cell phone from our office on the 11th floor of the Commerce Building (more commonly known now as the Star Financial Bank building) at 127 West Berry Street.

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IMG1538 IMG1539 IMG1551 IMG1558 IMG1601

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