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Perhaps a better title for this section might be “Working Despite Windows!” If you listen to me long enough, you may suspect I have a bit of an anti-Microsoft sentiment. Well… truth is, I use Windows nearly every day (probably more than 350 days per year); though my reasons for doing so are dwindling. It’s probably more a matter of inertia and laziness than anything else that’s keeping me from switching to Linux on my home computer. As it is, I use Linux (Ubuntu) running in a virtual machine (Vmware) to backup, maintain, and develop this website: I just can’t do anything useful without bash, emacs, find, grep, xargs, ssh, rsync, tar, even cp and mv! The website banners were created using the GIMP (though, truthfully, I probably used GIMP for Windows).

But I digress. This section is about Windows, or more accurately, ways of fixing things in Windows. I’ve gained every one of these nuggets of experience the hard way. They are recorded here because I tend to forget things; they are readable by you because I figured I won’t be the only one to come up against these obstacles and annoyances.

Also in this Windows section, there are tips, tricks, and tweaks for various applications that run on Windows.


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